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Journal Entry: Mon May 27, 2013, 9:32 AM
I've got a new newsletter where you can find out about exclusive sales, discounts, products and more!  Just visit my website and add your email addy, click submit! (Make sure you check your spam -- sometimes the confirmation sneaks in there!)…

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Journal Entry: Sat May 25, 2013, 9:33 PM
This group is trolling by requesting your photography, only to then delete it when you allow them to have it claiming that you have to be a member of the group -- which of course, one has to ask why in the hell would you request work from someone NOT in the group if they can't have their work in the group?

On top of this, they sent me an invitation to the group -- which they withdrew -- then claiming that I had to have rejected their invitation because they didn't withdraw it.

Yes, well, I took a screenshot of my messages to show that the message states "Sorry!  Invitation Withdrawn".  Not rejected by me, but withdrawn on their side.

So as far as I am concerned, they are trolling and I highly recommend you don't support them.

Withdrawn by NoraBlansett

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Journal Entry: Mon May 13, 2013, 2:15 PM
I've decided to set up a newsletter where you can find out about exclusive sales, discounts, products and more!  Just visit my website and add your email addy, click submit!…


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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 29, 2013, 6:27 AM
Name Your Price Sale! See something here you've always wanted but thought you couldn't afford? Well, I need to pay some bills, so take advantage of this opportunity!

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Giveaway! Win a Commission!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 4, 2013, 5:30 PM
:iconrezshirmeen: is having a giveaway for a commission worth $80!  Please go check it out!…

Did you know...?

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 18, 2013, 8:48 AM
I have a Zazzle store where I sell all of my art on products!*/
I also have art that I haven't posted on my DA account for one reason or another -- you should stop by!

I also have a Facebook page -- and I'm having a contest when my fan page reaches 1,000 likes!  
I'll be giving away a free original painting and various other goodies!

I have my own home on the web, you should pay a visit to my website:

I hope you'll stop by all the places to check out my work!  :XD:

My daughter said You must do this now

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 9, 2012, 6:36 PM
Okie-dokey.  I will have you all know -- Quite a few of these I left my daughter's answer as I would have had the same answer.  LOL

200: My middle name is: Noneyabusiness
199: I was born in: 1974
198: I am really: "Different"
197: My cell phone company is: Imaginary
196: My eye color is: Hazel
195: My shoe size is: Large enough to balance
194: My ring size is: 7
193: My height is: 5'6"
192: I am allergic to: Everything
191: My 1st car was: Chevy Nova
190: My 1st job was: Tattoo Artist
189: Last book you read: The last Sookie Stackhouse Mystery book
188: My bed is: In the other room
187: My pet: Three Chihuahuas
186: My best friend: Prolly Sarah
185: My favorite shampoo is: If it smells like coconut, I like it
184: AIM name: No
183: Piggy Banks are: Kinda pointless
182: In my pockets: Dog hairs and lint
181: On my calendar: Holidays
180: Marriage is: Something I will never do again
179: Sponge Bob can: ?
178: My mom: Is in New Mexico
177: The last three cd's I bought were: Years ago
176: Last YouTube video watched: A really sad one
175: How many cousins do you have? A lot
174: Do you have any siblings: None that I acknowledge
173: Are your parents divorced: Yes
172: Are you taller than your mom? My mom is an elf
171: Do you play an instrument? Yes
170: What did you do yesterday: Chilled

I Believe In:

169: Love at first sight: I believe in tacos at first sight. <3
168: Luck: Yes
167: Fate: Maybe
166: Yourself: Mostly
165: Aliens: Probably
164: Heaven: In some form
163: Hell: In some form
162: God: Yes
161: Horoscopes: Nah
160: Soul mates: *shrug*
159: Ghosts: Yesss.
158: Gay Marriage: Yes. <3
157: War: Pointless.
156: Orbs: Why not?
155: Magic: In a way.

Which is Better

154: Hugs or Kisses: I don't like to be touched
153: Drunk or High: No.
152: Phone or Online: I hate telephones
151: Red heads or Black haired: I have black hair that shines red in the sun
150: Blondes or Brunettes: Eh
149: Hot or cold: Cold.
148: Summer or winter: Depends.
147: Autumn or Spring: Autumn
146: Chocolate or vanilla: Mix them together.
145: Night or Day: Late afternoon
144: Oranges or Apples: Oranges?
143: Curly or Straight hair: Hair. Just hair.
142: McDonalds or Burger King: Ew.. Buger King. .-.
141: White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate: Bothhh.
140: Mac or PC: Iduncare. o.o
139: Flip flops or high heals: How about.. No?
138: Ugly and rich OR Sexy and poor: Sexy and poor.  LOL
137: Coke or Pepsi: I hate soda
136: Hillary or Obama: Don't care
135: Burried or cremated: Shot into outerspace with everything left of me.
134: Singing or Dancing: Singing, if I wasn't so shy. .-.
133: Coach or Chanel: No.
132: Kat McPhee or Taylor Hicks: No
131: Small town or Big city: Dependss.
130: Wal-Mart or Target: Both. xD
129: Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler: I really don't care.
128: Manicure or Pedicure: Neither
127: East Coast or West Coast: East coast
126: Your Birthday or Christmas: Halloween.
125: Chocolate or Flowers: Drawings are nice.
124: Disney or Six Flags: That costs a lot of money.
123: Yankees or Red Sox: No

Here's What I Think About

122: War: No
121: George Bush: Screw you, politics.
120: Gay Marriage: Why the hell don't you just let people marry who they want?? It doesn't affect you.
119: The presidential election: Scams.
118: Abortion: No.
117: MySpace: No
116: Reality TV: No
115: Parents: Most of 'em are warped.
114: Back stabbers: Just go home.
113: Ebay: Cheap stuff.
112: Sex: Be safe kids.
111: Work: Artist
110: My Neighbors: They are all nice
109: Gas Prices: Scams.
108: Designer Clothes: LOL...  No
107: College: Sure
106: Sports: No
105: My family: No
104: The future: Yet to happen

Last time I

103: Hugged someone: ?
102: Last time you ate: Today.
101: Saw someone I haven't seen in awhile: ?
100: Cried in front of someone: ?
99: Went to a movie theater: Lol. A few weeks ago.
98: Took a vacation: I like tacos... They are so good sometimes.
97: Swam in a pool: We have lakes here.
96: Changed a diaper: Twelve years
95: Got my nails done: Eight years
94: Went to a wedding: Six years
93: Broke a bone: Been a while
92: Got a piercing: Ten years?
91: Broke the law: Loooong time
90: Texted: A year ago


89: Who makes you laugh the most: Pixie, my dog.
88: Something I will really miss when I leave home is:  I don't leave home -- when I do, Pixie.
87: The last movie I saw: That new Twilight one.
86: The thing that I'm looking forward to the most: ?
85: The thing I'm not looking forward to: ?
84: People call me: Nora or Kat
83: The most difficult thing to do is: ?
82: I have gotten a speeding ticket: Twice in twenty-two years
81: My zodiac sign is: Leo-Virgo cuspian
80: The first person i talked to today was: Bri
79: First time you had a crush: ?
78: The one person who I can't hide things from: Merlin
77: Last time someone said something you were thinking: ?
76: Right now I am talking to: Merlin
75: What are you going to do when you grow up: I am grown up.
74: I have/will get a job: I have a job.
73: Tomorrow: I'll be busy
72: Today: Was fine
71: Next Summer:?
70: Next Weekend: ?
69: I have these pets: I believe I already said chihuahuas.
68: The worst sound in the world: Nails on a chalkboard, popping balloons, screeching tires....
67: The person that makes me cry the most is: ?
66: People that make you happy: Merlin, Patrick, Bri, Conner
65: Last time I cried: ?
64: My friends are: Busy
63: My computer is: A device.
62: My School: In the past
61: My Car: Belongs to Merlin
60: I lose all respect for people who: Lie.
59: The movie I cried at was: ?
58: Your hair color is: Dark
57: TV shows you watch: Big Bang Theory
56: Favorite web site: ?
55: Your dream vacation: Back to Egypt
54: The worst pain I was ever in was: When I almost died
53: How do you like your steak cooked: Medium rare
52: My room is: Over there ------->  
51: My favorite celebrity is: ?
50: Where would you like to be: ?
49: Do you want children: I have three
48: Ever been in love: Yes
47: Who's your best friend: Prolly Sarah
46: More guy friends or girl friends: ?
45: One thing that makes you feel great is: Sleeping?
44: One person that you wish you could see right now: My kids
43: Do you have a 5 year plan: No.
42: Have you made a list of things to do before you die: Sort of.
41: Have you pre-named your children: I already have children
40: Last person I got mad at: ?
39: I would like to move to: ?
38: I wish I was a professional: ?

My Favorites

37: Candy: The good kind.
36: Vehicle: The good kind?
35: President: No
34: State visited: New Mexico
33: Cell Phone Provider: No.
32: Athlete: No
31: Actor: No
30: Actress: No
29: Singer: No
28: Band: The Birthday Massacre
27: Clothing Store: The place that has clothes.
26: Grocery Store: The closest one.
25: TV show: TBBT
24: Movie: Many
23: Website: No
22: Animal: All of them.
21: Theme Park: All of them.
20: Holiday: Halloween.
19: Sport to watch: No.
18: Sport to play: No.
17: Magazine: No
16: Book: The really good ones.
15: Day of the week: Not Monday.
14: Beach: I really have no idea.
13: Concert Attended: I'll get back to you.
12: Thing to cook: Good food.
11: Food: THE GOOD KIND.
10: Restaurant: ?
9: Radio Station: ?
8: Yankee Candle scent: No
7: Perfume: No.
6: Flower: I don't know? Lily
5: Color: Red
4: Talk Show host: No
3: Comedian: All of them.
2: Dog Breed: Chihuahua
1: Are you ready for this survey to be over with? OH GOD YES.

My daughter said to do it, so I did it.  Now you can do it.  :P

Don't FORGET! You can WIN an ORIGINAL Painting!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 25, 2012, 10:17 AM

Go to my website:

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You'll see the entry form...

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Happiness by NoraBlansett

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Good luck!!!


Journal Entry: Tue Nov 20, 2012, 11:54 PM
Wow.  I really wasn't expecting them so soon!  It's almost four in the morning and I'm still sitting here because there may be a fourth puppy.

As of now, we have "Irish" the first pup and a girl!  She's black with a little bit of brown on her face and feet.
"Otter", a dark brown female that looks like her namesake.  LOL
"Slowpoke" a.k.a "Pokey", a boy who took Angel four hours of hard labour to deliver.  He's a lovely golden brown.

Oddly enough, they were born in order of colour!  Black, dark brown then golden brown!

Check out the photos so far!

Irish by NoraBlansett Otter by NoraBlansett Pokey by NoraBlansett

WIN an ORIGINAL Painting!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 19, 2012, 9:02 AM

Go to my website:

Scroll down beneath the monthly feature.

You'll see the entry form...

Post a comment on my website:  +2 Entry!

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Tweet about the giveaway!:  +2 Entry!

Follow my page on Facebook:  +2 Entry!

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In two weeks someone will win the original painting "Happiness"!

Happiness by NoraBlansett

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Good luck!!!

Chihuahua puppies!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 13, 2012, 6:37 PM
My girl Angel is definitely pregnant...  I wasn't sure at first, but over the last week I'd started noticing "thumps" and tonight I saw at least three distinctly different puppies moving.  I am sure of two on the right side and one on the left.  I *think* there may be a second on the left, but I'm not *absolutely* sure.

It's so cool watching them move around.  One of them tonight was extremely active...  You could see the whole puppy under her skin rolling around, lifting it's bottom and head, pawing at mommy from the inside.

While this was NOT a planned pregnancy, it's not unwanted.  I had originally planned to mate her with a Maltese down the street -- but erm, I wasn't going to do it till her next heat.  It's been three years since her last puppies and I was really excited about planning something LATER...  but apparently my boy Chili decided otherwise.  (Don't harp about spaying and keeping males away from her.  In nine years of chihuahua ownership this is the ONLY "oops!".  My other female is spayed and never had any puppies.)

I'm guesstimating the due date at December 1st.  They'll be pure Chihuahuas and the past litters were extremely adorable -- so I shouldn't have any trouble selling the pups.

As soon as they have arrived and Angel promises not to attack me, I'll be sure to share photos!

:thumb89448007: Chihuahua Stamp by Resonance21 Chihuahua Stamp by nandiamond I'm tiny by Animal-Stamp I Love Chihuahua's by DwayneF I Love Chihuahuas by Elvandia Chihuahua by Bernix95 I Luv Chihuahuas stamp by diabolikal-lily The Noble Wolf by darkclaw-moonfeather

I still need your VOTES!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 3:52 PM
You can vote EVERY DAY!  The more votes I get, the better!  :heart:

I'm entered in the Daniel Smith art competition and I could really use your votes!…

In the search, type "Blansett" and it should bring my painting right up.

October by NoraBlansett

Keep voting!  :XD:

Thank you in advance and blessings!

I need your VOTES! Please Vote for October!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:22 AM
I'm entered in the Daniel Smith art competition and I could really use your votes!…

In the search, type "Blansett" and it should bring my painting right up.

Thank you in advance and blessings!

You can vote EVERY DAY!  The more votes I get, the better!  :heart:

Zazzle Featured Product!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 4, 2012, 6:01 AM
I woke up this morning to the following email:

"Congratulations, BorealisArt!

Your product, Memories 13″ Macbook Air Sleeve, has been hand-picked as an example of creativity at its finest. Out of thousands of products on Zazzle, yours was chosen for being one of the best!
You've won a Today's Best Award!

As a reward, your design will be featured on the Today's Best page for Thursday, October 25, 2012. This means you, your product, and your store will be center stage!

You're part of a talented group of artists on Zazzle, so be sure to share your success and spread the good news!"

Check out my design here:…

The only thing that confuses me is why it's November 4th, it was selected for Today's Best for October 25th.  LOL  Oh well, it's part of the "best" and that's all that matters!  :XD:


Happy Birthday FreeTheSanity!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 2, 2012, 8:48 AM
Today is my daughter's seventeenth birthday!

Go wish her a happy birthday and check out her gallery!

I love you my beloved daughter!  :heart:


Stupid new submit form...

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 1, 2012, 12:05 PM
The new submit form is really irritating me.  I submitted a new work in progress, and it auto-submitted to all of the groups I mod for.  I'm annoyed because I don't have the ability to remove the work from some of the groups and I HATE having to go to the group admin to tell them DA SNAFU'd.


Zazzle Store Overflowing with Goodies!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 29, 2012, 9:34 AM
I'm still at it!  I've been adding to my Zazzle stores like a madman, including my newest work, "Time Stands Still"!

I've now included new iPad cases, business cards, more t-shirts, new phone cases, notebooks, skins and 2013 calendars!

Check out Borealis Art:
Don't forget Axis 1 Photography:…

Thanks for looking!

Those perverts on DA...

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 23, 2012, 5:15 PM
So, girls:

There's some sort of pervert with a foot fetish asking girls to post photos of their feet.

Please don't do it.

I know it seems harmless, but it's a sicko who wants photos of your feet for perverted reasons.  This person has apparently asked a LOT of young girls -- including my own daughter -- and I'm really glad she didn't do it.

Just think of everything you know about perverts and freaks (and not the good kind of freaks!) and then think about all the sicko things they are fantasizing about doing with your feet.

You're better than that and just like the rest of your body, your feet are YOUR FEET.

Besides...  it's twisted to ask teenage girls for photos of their feet.  Don't support twisted perverted freaks.

This has been a public service announcement.

Back to your regular programming.


Check out my Zazzle Store!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 14, 2012, 1:56 PM
I've been working for almost two weeks, night and day, non-stop -- and my BorealisArt and Axis1Photography Zazzle stores have been completely restructured and a huge variety of all new products are now available!

Please don't let the 120+ hours I've put into it go to waste!  Check it out, tell me what you think!  Is there a design I haven't added that you'd like to see there?  It's getting close to Christmas and if you're not shopping yet, you will be soon!  I have thousands of products that will cover everyone on your shopping list.

Do you like zombies?  I have zombie products in my Axis 1 Photography Zazzle store too!


Thank you so much!  :heart:

On being a Moderator for DA groups

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2012, 8:00 AM
Moderating.  Oh, I thought it would be so much fun!  I'd have the chance to see hundreds of new works of brilliance as soon as they were uploaded and submitted to the groups.

I must have been smokin' something.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy it -- just not as much as I'd hoped.

For one thing, I get really tired of people submitting to the wrong folder, and then getting snippy with me for not accepting it anyway.  As a member, you only have one job to do:  Click the submissions folders in the top right corner and pick the correct one.  If it says "DO NOT SUBMIT HERE", then clearly I'm going to reject your submission.  If you submit a traditional painting of a rabbit, do NOT submit it to 3D Renders and Fractals.  When it comes back rejected because you put it in the wrong folder, why do you have to get snippy with me?  I'm not the twit not paying attention to where I put things.

So, you've taken a photo of your girlfriend's crotch.  You didn't label it as mature -- so my kids or someone else's kids may see it -- it's not even an artistic shot -- and then you submit it to a group that's name alone implies that only excellent work will even get through -- and you submit it to the wrong folder on top of that.  What did you really think would happen?  Be glad that I just rejected it.  I mod for several groups -- and in one of them, we even are expected to tell people that their work doesn't meet group standards...  guess what?  Your extreme close-up of your girlfriend's acne (at least I hope that's what the sores are) infested crotch is NOT up to group standards.  Frankly, it shouldn't be seen by anyone.

That leads me to the next thing that bothers me:  Telling people their work isn't up to par.  That's HARD to do.  Everyone has to start somewhere and it's tough to decide if a certain piece is "low quality".  I don't mind telling them to crop the piece properly or re-scan -- but telling them it isn't up to group standards is rough.  I understand that there will be some higher quality groups -- and I totally understand the need to make sure that the art getting through is excellent -- but it doesn't change how hard it is to tell a kid (because it's usually kids) that it isn't good enough for the group.  I feel like the artist takes it as "it isn't good enough period".  That's not the case at all -- but you have to walk before you fly, you know?  I understand it, and I'll keep doing it, but it's still just as tough on me.  I wish I had more time to sit here and talk to the ones I have to reject.  In some cases, you can tell that they tried SO HARD -- but they just aren't ready yet.  It's like watching a puppy try to run with the big dogs.  

Just remember:  If I've ever had to reject your work for a group I mod, it's not because you didn't try, it's not because you don't have mad skills, it's not because I don't think you have any hope of becoming a professional -- it's because you leaped before you looked.  Keep working, keep trying, keep improving and then BLOW US AWAY.

I don't consider this a rant, just a "get my stresses off my chest".  LOL  Thanks for listening!  :heart: